Dungeons & Dragons Themed Story

I am relatively new to writing/directing: I am currently working on my first story. Today I got an idea for another one I would like to write. I think it would be really cool and I have a lot of ideas for a story that would be similar to Dungeons & Dragons gameplay. Obviously all characters/dialogue/plotlines/settings would be my own, but I am still worried about copyright. I did a little bit of research and if I did go through with this, I would put in a two page Open Gaming License (OGL) at the beginning of the story which would allow me to freely use content from the System Reference Document (SRD) published by Wizards of the Coast like the different races and classes. I wouldn’t actually include any instructions for how to create a character, or stat blocks for any creatures in the story - but it would still be based around D&D mechanics. Is there anyone who can provide further input on this? Thank you for taking the time to read through this. I am aware that D&D themed Episodes already exist on the app, but I am not quite sure how far you can go, so to speak, before the content becomes copyrighted.

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