Dunkin Donuts Or Starbucks!

Do Y’all like Dunkin’ Donuts More Or Starbucks Where Do Y’all Like Going More?

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Starbucks! Since they’re in every corner where I’m at lol

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I’m cheap, i don’t really go to any, but I guess dunkin donuts

We don’t have Dunkin’ Donuts in my country, but I’ve gotten donuts and coffee there a few times whenever I’ve gone to the USA.

I do love Starbucks, though. I usually go there on Saturday or Sunday mornings to drink a frappuccino (or cappuccino) and write my story.

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Starbucks. End of discussion.

The coffee in Dunkin’ Donuts is the literal worst. I’d rather an iced latte from Starbucks over sum cr*ppy donuts & coffee from dunkin any day. :cupid::cloud:

(Also, dunkin’s only in the us, lol, these two brands r like round every corner in ny)

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I can’t choose uhhhh :point_right:t4::pleading_face::point_left:t4::point_right:t4::pleading_face::point_left:t4: