Duplicate character

Hi, I want to do a flashback scene where my character appears as a child. I’ve seen on the forum the “duplicate” system but I can’t seem to make it work :expressionless:
I’ve created the “child version” of my character that I named @DUPLICATE

So in my script it’s :


and then there is the scene :

@ANGE enters from right to screen center

but everytime I try it it’s Ange entering the scene and not the child version of her.
I know i’m doing something wrong, I just need to figure out what it is :sweat_smile:

You would need to do the whole scene with the duplicate character.

@DUPLICATE enters from right to screen center


Yeah I figured that might be the problem, so I tried with @DUPLICATE for the whole scene but I have still the same issue, that’s what’s weird

Can you send screen shots?

Did you change the Duplicate’s characteristics to be more child like?

Here is a pic of the script, sorry about the quality
And yes I did change her to be more child like

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I’ve never heard of the directing command:
The way I’ve always done it in my scripts is basically your whole script, jut without that one line

I don’t really know, I saw this directing command in another post about how to create a duplicate of a character.
I use this because I offer full customization of the MC, so apparently this command makes the duplicate character similar to the MC they customized, if that makes any sense…
I’m so lost right now :sweat_smile:

Ah, ok. Well sorry then because that was the only thing I thought look unusual.
@RudeInception any ideas?

You should try to change the features of DUPLICATE in your script, after the command @DUPLICATE becomes ANGE. Either way your character will look exactly like ANGE.


It worked!! Thank you for your answers :grinning: