Duplicate help with scar feature

Hi, I’m kinda new to making duplicate characters. I tried searching for threads like this but couldn’t find.

Is it possible to create a duplicate character of someone but add a different feature on them, like a scar? They are also customised by the reader. I already have my two characters but can’t seem to get it to work.

I tried @CHAR becomes DUPLICATE but it doesn’t save the scar there, only a duplicate of the customised character. Thank you in advance :face_holding_back_tears:

Maybe change the dup to an outfit with a scar

Yup, I did, and I explained the scar doesn’t appear, only a duplicate of the customised character without the scar

I don’t know if I understand correctly, but let’s make an example.
You want to have a MC with an evil twin that appears in the mirror, like a reflection or something, and that twin would be a duplicate of your MC. Mc of course at the beginning had their own customization, so you’re doing:

#CC for MC
@TWIN becomes MC
In this case, your twin is identical, but you need matching outfits for both of them, so you create one for the main character and one for the twin.
@MC changes into MC_1
@TWIN changes into MC_1scar (this outfit is a copy of mc outfit + you need to add scar to it)

In this case, your characters are identical, they have the same outfit, but your twin in the mirror shows up with the scar.

If you want to give CC to both of them (for example, change their hair color, eye color, lip color, etc) then you need to follow the template for both of characters, but every scar, freckles, piercing is an outfit choice, it’s not part of CC, of course.

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I think it’s the fact I just woke up bc I’m being so silly- I was treating a scar like a facial feature, like an eye colour, not like an outfit feature, so I don’t even need to make a duplicate, just an outfit :sob: omdddd :sob: you made me realise it, thank you!! :heartbeat: i need to eat breakfast :sob: I just made a separate outfit with the scar and it worked :woman_facepalming: it’s a whole new world now :joy_cat: tysm again :heartbeat:

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no worries, hope you had good breakfast ;3

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