Duplicate label, help needed!

hello, I’m using the templates on episode but I need more than 6. I tried using the (Cmd+F) but I can only put x6 and not x7.
Does someone know how I could do it an easy way instead of rename in them one by one?
Thank you so much !

Can you upload a screenshot?

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If you’re using the customization templates, then you’ll have to use a different kind of template and I’ll cite you some references.

Go here if you need to customize multiple characters:

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Go here if you’re concerned about duplicate labels:

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Thank you for your reply ! I actually ended up by making my own template so it would be easier for me :sweat_smile:
took a while but keeping it in my files so I can use again and don’t need to redo that again :joy:
thank you very much though :heart:

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thank you for the reply, but I ended up making my own :sweat_smile:
sorry for the bother :heart:

No problem, but if you could still share your problem, it might help me and others in future.


sure ! will do tomorrow ! I’ll send ss and explain the prob I had and share the solution so that if other people have that prob they’ll know. :slightly_smiling_face:

okay so I wanted to create the same template more than once, so I did (cmd+F) on Mac. But I couldn’t do over 6. So I found a way where you can basically write whatever you want. It’s (cmd+F+F) you highlight the number you want and just replace it.

Now be carful because if what ever you highlight appears elsewhere in your script and you don’t want to change it the just tap “replace” and not “replace all”.

Hope that can be helpful to anyone who got stuck on this like me. :joy: :heart:

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Okay thanks for sharing
Happy your problem got solved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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