Duplicate Label Help

Hello! I’m currently trying to write a story where I’m giving the option to choose between liking either boys or girls and everything in my previous episodes are working great. But in one episode I’m letting the reader play a dressing mini-game, so I have to type the coding twice so everyone is able to play it, but since I have to type it twice, it keeps telling me “Duplicate Label outfit1” and so on. And I want the reader to choose their hair and makeup for the day, but it keeps telling me I have label dupes, But I cant get rid of one because then some people wont be able to play with the choices. If this was confusing to read please let me know, I’d just like some help so I can publish my story!

you could name the label something different, like outfit1girl
and if they like guys

Because, when you use the same label; it could cause the scripts to merge; thus you need to label them differently.

Oh okay I will try that!!

Ah it worked thank you :smile:

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Thank you! I was struggling with this for so long :hot_face: