Duplicate Labels - Dressing Game script help!

I’m nearly done with my first chapter, however, I cannot clear the following errors to save my life! Can someone help? I have two different dressing games depending on an earlier choice in the episode. I’ve tried renaming the second one and then I get an error saying it does not exist. How do I fix this?

  1. Duplicate Label “dressing_game”
  2. Duplicate Label “dressingwork_game”

Can you post a picture of your script?

I’m hoping these can help.

OK, you can’t have duplicate labels in an episode. You need to change them or modify them, for example add a 2 to them:

label dressing_game2
label dressingwork_game2

When you do this, you NEED to add a 2 to the goto as well for both of them within the dressing game.

This means goto dressing_game2 will lead to label dressing_game2 and goto dressingwork_game2 will lead to label dressingwork_game2

IF you forget to add the 2, then goto dressing_game will lead to the very first dressing game instead of the 2nd one.

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I was able to clear the duplicate errors, but now I have the following.

The label “dress_wear1” is never used.
The label “merge_story” does not exist
The label “dressingwork_game1” is never used.
The label “dressingwork_game1” does not exist

That means you don’t have the right gotos for them (never used), and you possibly didn’t write the other labels (does not exist)

Where would I put the label merge_story? I tried before the goto but it generates another error.


goto merge_story

label dress_wear
@zoom reset
@cut to zone 2
@transition fade in
@KELSEY enters from left to screen center
label dressing_game1
(What should I wear?)
“Outfit 1”{
@KELSEY is dustoff_neutral_loop
@KELSEY changes into CLUB1
“Outfit 2”{
@KELSEY is dustoff_neutral_loop
@KELSEY changes into CLUB2
“Outfit 3”{
@KELSEY is dustoff_neutral_loop
@KELSEY changes into CLUB3
@KELSEY is dustoff_neutral_loop
@pause for a beat
KELSEY (think_rubchin)
(Should I wear this or try something else?)
“Wear this outfit.”{
KELSEY (idle_headbob_neutral_loop)
(This is perfect!)
“Try something else.”{
goto dressing_game1
@KELSEY exits left

What’s before merge story? Why do you need that?

Also your gotos and labels aren’t matching, that’s why they’re not working.

I tried removing the merge story before and it completely skipped over a scene. All that is before the merge story is the end of a different choice.

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