Duplicate Overlay Help

The second overlay is not showing.

First overlay:

&overlay 4622412012584960_SODA BOTTLE shifts to 226 225 in zone 2
&overlay 4622412012584960_SODA BOTTLE scales to 0.125 0.125 in zone 2

Duplicate Overlay:

&overlay 4622412012584960 SODA BOTTLE_2 create from SODA BOTTLE

&overlay 4622412012584960_SODA BOTTLE_2 shifts to 209 225 in zone 2

&overlay 4622412012584960_SODA BOTTLE_2 scales to 0.125 0.125 in zone 2

Add the opacity?


&overlay 4622412012584960_SODA BOTTLE_2 opacity 1 in 0 in zone 2

still not showing.

This may sound silly, but did you create the first overlay? Since you didn’t post that part of the code.

I tried it with a different overlay and used the directing helper to check it’s behind. You can try re-creating it.

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Also, if you have other overlays, is it hidden behind one of them?

Does the box show up?

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The other names have underscores between the numbers and SODA but the bolded part above does not so that’s why the overlay isn’t showing up because the overlay names do not match. Just remove those numbers entirely so that it’s just SODA_BOTTLE_2

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It works. Thanks everyone for your help :wink: @Dara.Amarie @LaurelleE27 @amberose

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how do I remove it? Is it like this?

@overlay SODA_BOTTLE clear
@overlay SODA_BOTTLE_2 clear

If those are your only two overlays:

@clearall overlay

Otherwise yes. You can do that, if you’re doing them individually.

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I have a counter overlay as well, so I am not removing that, only the soda bottle, and duplicate soda bottle.

I got it! Thanks :wink:

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