Duplicate Overlay Problem


After typing in the code
It’s not showing up on screen.!
As you can see I can find it but the duplicated version is just invisible


This is in the wrong category, it should be in Directing Helps & Tips.

Maybe you can help @Apes ?:purple_heart:

How to duplicate an overlay:

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You need to use all the commands create/shift/scale/opacity for newly created overlay to show up


I did try moving it with all the other codes but it was still invisible :disappointed_relieved:


Can you post your script?



Can you show your opacity command?


I got the same yesterday. You just have to shift/scale/move to layer/opacity this overlay so it would be visible.


You got wrong commands. I’ll help you out.

@overlay SOFA_2 create from SOFA
&overlay SOFA_2 shifts to 1 177 in 0 AND overlay SOFA_2 scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0 AND overlay SOFA_2 shifts to layer 2 AND overlay SOFA_2 opacity 1 in 0

I put it in layer 2, but you choose in which layer you need it. You’re also missing a layer for overlay SOFA, which you set together with background.


@CoraMae @fcukforcookies @Apes Thank you girls! It worked:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

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