Duplicate/Twin Feature Not Working

I’ve read that using the code ‘@DUPLICATE CHARACTER becomes MAIN CHARACTER’ will make DUPLICATE CHARACTER appear as the other character but I’m using this code and said character appears the exact same. I don’t know if I coded something wrong but I’m confused.

Code is as follows;


@DIANA stands screen center

label female_custom_1
@DIANA spot 2.400 170 -520 and DIANA faces right and DIANA starts idle

What do you look like [NAME]?

[blah blah blah female label coding]

goto female_custom_1

@DELISE stands screen center in zone 3 AND MOM stands screen center in zone 3

@MOM becomes DIANA

@DELISE changes hair into Morning Updo
@DELISE changes mouth into Full Round Pouty
@MOM changes hair into Classic Bob
@MOM changes nose into Grecian Soft
@MOM changes eyebrows into Arched Thin
@MOM changes eyes into Deepset Mature
@MOM changes face into Heart Mature

sound computer_ding

label female_1_end
@pause for 0

So any help would be greatly appreciated.

it might be because of your label female_1_end is after the commands and when you finish the customization you click on end and it’s taking you to this label and skips this part completely

Yeah I agree, I think that’s the issue too

Yup, that was it. Thank you!