Duplicated An Overlay But It Is Not Showing

@Apes, @JemU776, @Dara.Amarie I need your help guys. I tried to duplicated this overlay, but it is not showing. What do I do?

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you can also copy a command that you’re using :slight_smile:

you need to add opacity, scale and shift command as well for overlay to actually show up

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Ah ok. I guess I missed that. Thank you!

Didnt work.

add zone number to shifts command

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didnt work. When I did it. I dragged it to the character, but the image isnt showing.

You need to remove all those numbers in front of the duplicate overlay’s name. It looks like you copy and pasted it from the original overlay. Each overlay has it’s own set of numbers.

EDIT: or did those numbers come with the duplicate overlay as well? Since it is a copy?

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It worked, it was the numbers that I copied and pasted.

Thank you guys so much!

@Sydney_H solved. close.

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: