Dutch phrases needed (translation)

Hi I need someone to translate a couple phrases for me in Dutch, if anyone can help that would great as well! :blob_hearts: Credit will be given as well!
What I need translated:

  1. What is she doing in here?
  2. Mars, has anyone asked you to be in this room knowing it’s off limits to everyone but my family and I?
  3. No, I was told by Tato to bring your guest and you some water.
  4. Tell Tato next time he should bring it when asked, not you okay?
  5. Yes your majesty. I’m sorry it won’t happen again.
  6. I sure hope it won’t, your dismissed Mars.

I’m a Dutchie, so I can help you! :hugs:

I’ll PM you in a bit.


I can help!

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  1. Wat doet ze hier?
  2. Mars, heeft iemand je gevraagd om in deze kamer te zijn, wetende dat het voor iedereen verboden is, behalve voor mijn familie en mij?
  3. Nee, ik kreeg van Tato te horen dat ik je gast en jou wat water moest brengen.
  4. Zeg tegen Tato dat hij het de volgende keer moet brengen als hem daarom wordt gevraagd, niet goed?
  5. Ja, majesteit. Het spijt me dat het niet meer zal gebeuren.
  6. Ik hoop echt van niet, je hebt Mars.



Not to be rude, but is this done with Google translate? Because it’s not entirely correct and when I copy and paste the phrases in Google translate, you get the exact same translations you wrote :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And I already PMed her hihi, but thanks for participating! :blush:

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No, I promise! :grin: I’m actually learning Dutch, but I’m sorry if I did it incorrectly :sweat_smile:

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A few little mistakes apart from that it’s like how I would translate it! Good job

niet jij oké?

This doesn’t fully make sense, Het spijt me, het zal niet meer gebeuren. Is the correct way.

This is translated as you have Mars. Je mag gaan Mars. Seems better to me.

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Ah, okay! Cool that you’re learning Dutch :grin::heartpulse:

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