Duvet overlays needed

Hi! I need duvet/blanket overlays for the following 5 beds please (I struggle with straight on beds lol) master-bedroom-paint-colors-painting-ideas-amkosystemscom-popular-for-living-rooms-best-color-room-walls-schemes-bedrooms-double-night-lamp-and-cute-background-ornament-that-affect

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Also, need the bar and chairs as overlays

I’ll do them for you.

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Thank you
I shall credit you at the end of my story along with everyone else who has helped me along the way :slight_smile:

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Would you like me to convert the day images to night? I could also do that :slight_smile:

If it’s possible to do so that would be great, I didn’t know how so just darkened the pics/put the curtain down lol

I forgot one more pic :see_no_evil: need tables/chairs as overlays and a night one if possible (I do apologise for being so needy)

Oh okay. For the charlies bedroom, you want me to put the curtain down?

No, I had a day one with curtains up and night with with curtains down
Because they both same lighting I didn’t see point putting both images up, but I can do if you want

This is the other one if neededpv1_back_INT__CHARLIES_BEDROOM_DAY_5812456406712320_a63b13c06e439db801cc68609b585ba0

Will continue the rest tomorrow.


I resized both your bed bgs. It’ll fit two zones. You may not be able to use the middle part (bed) so you can upload a separate background that shows only the middle part.



These overlays fit the background. Just make sure to zone them at zone 1 or whatever works



This overlay fits the background. Just make sure to zone at zone 1 or whatever works

Please don’t forget to give credit in your story
@canvas_creativity on Instagram

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Tried uploading first of the overlays, it’s coming up with this message I’ve not seen before

The other 2 duvets (day and night) uploaded fine :+1: Just the one I screen shot I can’t seem to upload :see_no_evil:

Try again! Can you send another screenshot when you do??

Still causing a problem :confused: :see_no_evil:
The others have been fine, just this one won’t load for some reason

Really?? Let me download it And try it.