Dystopian Story Recommendations?

Anyone got any good Dystopian stories?


All that Remains isn’t 100% dystopian- but I recommend it!



I have the best one ever!!

Timeless- @bek

It has outstanding directing! 11/10 recommend for a dystopian story. :blob_sun:


Detenu by @J.Miley
The Shadow Heir by @Arrows.Episode
The Surface by @miarose
Zodiac by @katiexbabydoll and @JamieLeighxx
Sanctuary by @nrivera
The Shadows by @CeceMarie
Rebellion: The Fight Begins by Eleanor
Behind The Wall by @khrema.episode


Thank you so much for mentioning Sanctuary!

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Thank you so much for thinking of The Surface!

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Hi! My story might fit what you’re looking for! The characters are from a Dystopian place. (There’s messed up stuff going on there…) Hope you check it out. :slight_smile:

The chapters do get longer. I wrote the beginning chapters a while ago, so the editing gets better later.

Title: Relentless

Description: Leah and Xavier were abandoned on The Island as babies. Together, they try to figure out why. Along the away, they discover even more than they ever could have anticipated.

My Insta- @Gabi.episode