Each chapter restarting itself?

I don’t know why but when I read a story in LL each chapter keep restarting. What I mean is if I read like some chapters (the amount doesn’t matter) and decide to finish reading a chapter and then leave or I finished my passes and can’t keep reading so I have to leave episode and wait for my passes. But then when I go to read the previous chapter again every time.
Ex: I’m reading the second chapter of a LL story, like always at the end of the second episode it asks me if I want to follow the author on insta, so I click yes, and I leave episode. After that I go back to read chapter three but instead it makes me read chapter 2 again and I find it really annoying. Like I said the amount of chapters doesn’t matter, so it can happen at any chapter

Feedback to the author to create a skip button? But this will cause a loss in pass.