Early Access or Skip the Wait?

Hey! I keep my choices gem free but I’m looking for another way to support my writing. Which would you prefer, early access or Skip the Wait (and maybe why).

My story is below if anyone is interested :blush:

Title: Lineage
Genre: Fantasy/Drama
2+ LI
Fully customizable
Art scenes

I love Lineage! Check it out! Episode - Choose Your Story #episode http://episodeinteractive.com/r/s/4732333018513408 1

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early acces, personally skip the wait is anoying if you wanna binge a story.


I don’t want both but

Early access is soooooooooo annoying!!

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I personally prefer early access. Also you can add support the author or bonus scenes at the end! Tbh I prefer paying for bonus scenes/support the author than paying for early access/skip the wait.


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I definitely think you should implement EA over STW if your story is not complete. It’s a bit unfair in my opinion to implement STW when the future of your story is uncertain (you may end up discontinuing, or have a very long break, or put the story on the backburner whilst you work on other stories etc etc).

I know many authors say that their passion for their stories is limitless and that they have every intention to finish their stories, but that can change. I’ve lost count of the amount of stories where authors planned so much for their stories and were convinced that the would finish them only to discontinue them sometime later.

EA has the advantage of becoming free after a week, and if you are fast enough or have enough chapters up your sleeve, you can release the first for free and the second as an EA for readers who can’t or aren’t willing to pay can still read something and those who want to pay or can pay the EA chapter will be able to read a second chapter.

I think EA is the best way to go when you’re still writing your story/releasing chapters for it and STW is a better option when it is complete. Of course, they can both be incredibly annoying to some people and STW in my opinion is better used every 6 chapters, especially if your story on the longer side.


honestly, neither.

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