Earning 💎 Gems & 🎟 Passes!


I’ve been enjoying Episodes greatly, I’d really love to stick with it but of all games in its category I must say that it’s the least generous when it comes to :gem:Gems and :tickets:Passes. In fact, it’s the only game of its kind I’ve tried which requires players to use one :tickets:Pass in order to win one, and only one, :gem:Gem throughout the entire game.

It would be nice if we :fist:all come together:fist: to share our ideas about earning :gem:Gems & :tickets:Passes while playing Episodes and hope maybe the :man_office_worker::office::woman_office_worker: powers that be :ear:listen to us… The in-story :gem:Gem purchase items are comparatively :dollar:extremely expensive :dollar:, it would be great if this expense was offset a little by earning a few :gem:Gems everyday. If not, I don’t think I can stick with Episodes when I can get similar stories at more affordable prices. I don’t want to leave the game, if I did I wouldn’t bother creating this thread where we can all brainstorm on behalf of Episodes customer retention!!..

I have a number of suggestions, most taken directly from what the competition’s already doing, companies that have been around for years, which tells us that a little customer appreciation in the form of rewarding customers with their respective forms of :gem:Gems and :tickets:Passes doesn’t break the bank. I’m looking forward to ideas from everyone, so I’m not going to start this thread by listing all the ideas I’ve gathered, I’ll start by adding just one and waiting to hear from others interested in this topic, then, if needed, I’ll add more of the ideas I’ve gathered… Enjoy! :gem::tickets::gem::tickets::gem:


(PS - If you plan to include screenshots of rewards from other games please make sure to cover or disguise anything that identifies, or could lead to the identification of the competing product! THX)


I agree!

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