Ears Pierced With A Gun Or Needle

I’m getting my ears pierced tomorrow and I don’t know if I should get them done with a needle or gun. I have looked on some websites but I keep getting back and forth answers. So what do you think is better?


Gun. That’s how I got mine pierced. I think with a needle, you’re more likely to get an infection, but what do I know? :woman_shrugging:


Gun that’s what I did mine. It’s fast and easily thing to do.


Ima say a gun bc its less pain


A gun might be “less painful” but you’re actually better off going to a tattoo parlor and getting it done with a needle. It’s going to be a teeny bit painful either way, because you’re poking a hole through your skin, but it goes by pretty quick.

Needles are actually safer, and you’re actually more likely to get an infection with a gun. If you’re going to the right shop, they will use a fresh, clean, sterile needle.

While places with piercing guns usually say that they disinfect their tools beforehand, you can’t actually sterilize a piercing gun, and the difference between the two is very important. Furthermore, people who pierce with needles are typically professionally trained, and they understand the risks of piercing with guns, and have years of experience piercing with needles. People who pierce with guns are typically quickly trained by watching others.

The Association of Professional Piercers provides a pretty solid amount of information on this. https://www.safepiercing.org/safe_piercing.php#guns

I had my ears pierced with a gun and it turned out fine, but I plan on getting more piercings at some point. And knowing what I know now, I am not going to take any more risks. It might be easier to get it done at the mall or wherever you plan on going, but you’re better off getting it done with a needle by a professional. Your health isn’t worth the risk.


A gun it’s straight forward and less painful.


Never get a piercing with a gun. If you went to a hospital to get some treatment would you want them to use equipment (that’s been inside their body, on their skin, had blood on it) that’s been used on other people with god knows what diseases? No. You would want new, sterilised equipment out of the packet. This is your body, don’t play around with it.


I’ve had it done with a gun before and it was fine I only had to get rid of them because I was allergic to the metal they put in my ear and wasn’t allowed to change it untill 6 weeks so I just took them out. My step-mom keeps saying something about a needle shop being better. :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know if you still need advice, but I’ll just throw my 2 cents in anyway. The general consensus is that needles are 100% the way to go. Guns can never be sanitized properly (like a few have already mentioned above :+1:), and they’re extremely traumatic to the ear itself because you’re literally just shoving something into it like that. This is especially dangerous if you’re getting your cartilage pierced: NEVER EVER get that done with a gun. If a hollow needle is used, it’s the complete opposite. It’s carving away a tiny part of your ear to make way for the actual piercing (unlike what happens with a gun), and it’s overall less traumatic and more safe… even though it sounds painful, I would say it’s worth it.

All that being said though, I had my lobes and second holes done with a gun (like the big fat hypocrite I am :joy:) and didn’t have any problems. I guess it all depends on where you go. Just make sure that you take care of the area afterwards! Good luck :grin:


I got them done with a gun since I’m too much of a baby to use a needle. Everything is fine so far! Just got to wait 3 weeks to change them and for them to heal :roll_eyes:


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