Earthbound - R4R | 4 Episodes [OPEN]

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Looks great! I love the cover design.

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Thank you!! Made by the amazing @epiflix on Instagram <3

:no_entry_sign:I’d love to do a r4r. (Instagram: @episode.pori1)

:no_entry_sign: TITLE: All Started With A Dare!

You took a dare and ended up in a place you shouldn’t be. Will it end up in a disaster? Or will you find something, or someone to keep it together?

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Drama.

What to expect:

  • Female main character.
  • Male love interest (only 1).
  • Choices that will matter.
  • Point system that might or might not determine the ending.
  • Full CC for MC & LI.
  • Magic, Mystery and Prophecy.
  • Art Scene.

Gem Choices: There are bonus scenes at the end of chapter. You will get deeper knowledge about the story but it won’t impact the storyline.


Story link:

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Great. how many episodes do you want to do?


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Thank you!

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