Easy Edit Makeup Tutorial For Beginners! 🌙


Hello everyone!

I’m making a tutorial on Easy Edit Makeup, which I started on. I’ll be teaching you about:

  • Dying Hair
  • Making Eyes Look Prettier
  • Blush/Shading

Nevertheless, here’s an example!

You can choose your character, the colors, everything! These are just the basics.

Apps You Need

  • Episode
  • Ibis Paint x
    (Both Free apps)

Steps For Achievement

  1. Go on @episode_amanda’s Instagram to see her linktree, and give her a follow or go to her linktree right away. We will be using her ink editing assistant!

(If you wish to make a Limelight Edit go to her LL editing assistant!

credit to @episode_amanda on Instagram for the EA!

  1. Whew, that was a lot of links! Now, you are on an Episode story, called an Editing Assistant. Create your character! Then take a screenshot. I took a screenshot!

  1. Get into Ibis Paint X. Create a new canvas, and choose your dimensions. 1000x1000 recommended. Click on “OK” after selecting dimensions.

  1. Upload your screenshot as a layer.

  1. Then your screen is like this! With your character.

  1. Now, to the makeup tutorial!

  2. We’ll start with the eyes. Zoom in on the eyes, and erase the eyeball. Make it white…I know she looks like a devil!

  1. Go on “ruler” and select circle ruler.

  1. Put the circle ruler on her eyeballs and draw two circles with the black dip pen hard.

  1. Remove the ruler and put little black dots at the center of the circles. Color it in, and add white dots if you want!

  1. And now, for the blush/shading. If you want to shade your character’s skin, go to instruction #13. Blush will be in instruction #12 .

  2. Blush:

  • Choose how much you want it, and you’re good! PS: SAME WITH DYED HAIR!

  1. Shading (same as blush but with a different color!)

14, Dying Hair (same as both!) be creative!

I hope this helped! If you have any questions, just ask!


Thank you so much for this. But with ibis paint x, can you download online on an laptop? because I cannot do it on phone


Hmm…I don’t think so. But thank you!