Eclipse Arts (Open) 🌚

I can do it right now if you want. This group doesn’t exist anymore but I am bored so I can do it

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ohhhhhhhh… ok i will pm you the deets then. <333

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It’s fine! I can find them here, even though a pm is easier


ill pm u its fine!!

Can I make a request


Sure just use the form!

Would it be possible to cancel my request for a profile Picture?
I just like a different style now

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Sure. Whatever you like :heart:

I am requesting a introduction splash
The style of the story is in ink

Character details
Boy: face shape: defined triangle, nose: button, eye shape: stoic almond, eye color: purple, eye brow: thin arc, hair style: short cropped, hair color: blonde
Girl: face shape: oval, eye shape: round classic, eye color: brown, lips: full round, lip color: plum, hair style: high ponytail, hair color: black, nose: elven, eye brow: mature round

Background image

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Would prefer to have the boy have his fangs out and behind the girl

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With the title my sercet lover

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Hi I was wondering if you could do a cover for my new story? I have the background, clothing, poses, title etc. I just can’t animate ( more than it is) thanks :grinning:

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Hi, I’m so sorry, I have to cancel my art request if that’s alright.

Episode Opening (Cover) Request
  • What are you requesting?
    a cover that will be shown at the beginning of every episode

  • What style is it in?

  • Character details, outfit, and pose. (If any characters)
    have it only be showing torso and up
    have them holding hands and with the girl’s head on his shoulder and have them both looking forward
    Picture of characters :arrow_down:

  • Please provide a background.

  • Any add ons or pictures?
    have the title be some sort of cursive (understandable) and in pink
    the author name can be the same but super small under the title
    title: 2 Years
    author: drnoodlearmz

  • When do you need it?
    no time limit

  • Preferred artist? (Please only pick available people)

  • Password?

What are you requesting? - large cover

What style is it in? - ll but i want it in her own style

Character details -

First half

Second half

Please provide a background.


Like this

Any add ons or pictures? -
title: a f f e c t i o n.
Written by: sinful peaches

When do you need it? 1 week maybe?

Preferred artist? @PugPasta

password lunar

Pass: Lunar

What do I want? Drawn Splash

Which Artist? @PropertyofNae


Characters look

Body: Olive
Brows: Soft Angled
Hair: Urban Punk PonyTail
Hair Color: Blasting Blue
Eyes: Round Luxe
Eyes Color: Purple
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Blossom Lips
Lip Color: Blush


Skater Navy Blue Ripped Shorts
Teal Boho Bracelet
Teal Boho sunglasses
Black Skinny Flip Flops
Jean Jacket
Navy Blue Shorts Onesie Top

Ref Pic

Pose? I would like her pulling down her sunglasses onto her nose and her head is down slightly as she looks up at the camera. She has a smirk as well.


You can pick anything that looks bada**

Text? I would like it to say “This contains mature themes and strong languages! Watch out” I would like the Watch out part bold and vibrant somewhere… doesn’t really matter, be creative with it.

Pose Example


Can I request here


Password is Lunar

  • What are you requesting?
    Art scene.
  • What style is it in?
    INK style
  • Character details, outfit, and pose. (If any characters)
    Skin: Honey
    Hair: Beach waves (auburn)
    Eyebrows: Thick flat
    Eyes: Upturned bold (green)
    Nose: Upturned
    Lips: Full round (taupe)

Skin: Light
Eyebrows: Thick Arch Athletic
Hair: Short cropped hair (black)
Eyes: Gentle almond (taupe)
Face shape: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven (blush)

Boyfriend Jeans
Skater Beanie
Skater Tee White Sleeves
Brooklyn Hipster Boots

VNeck Tshirt (Pine Cave)
Basic Sneakers (Heather Grey)
Large Stitch Jeans (Chinchilla Grey)

  • Please provide a background.
  • Any add ons or pictures?
    Rain (they both need to be soaking wet and crimson needs running mascara, beau’s hair needs to be all messed up)

(Can he carry her bridal style while she is sleeping in his arms with a sad expression, Beau is looking down at her and he has a sad look on his face)

  • When do you need it?
    As soon as you can but i dont mind how long :wink:
  • Preferred artist? (Please only pick available people)
    @PropertyofNae please?
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Bump. Sorry about not seeing these. My phone has been broken but I got a new one. The downside is it’s not turned on so it only works on WiFi. I’ll try to be more active and I’ll see about doing y’all requests.

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Can you do me a art scene?? Sorry I’m new and I didn’t know if you guys do it…

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