Edit a character in the middle of the story

Hey! I was wondering if I could edit a character in the middle of a story (so that it won’t change in the older chapters)? Can I also edit the names? I think there are two types of them. Can someone explain the differences between them?
Can I change both names? Can I change them at all?
(Please give a proper answer, otherwise I won’t understand it, I’m sorry! :sweat_smile:)

Thank you!

What do you mean by edit a character? Like change their clothes?

Just change their appearance / and their names:)

And there are two types of names showed, which I don’t quite understand, I would be really happy if someone could explain me this!

Actually now I understand the difference between the two types of the names. I just need to know if I can change the names and/ appearances if the charaxters without making any change in the previous chapters?

@NAME changes into NAME OF OUTFIT
@NAME changes hair into HAIRSTYLE
you get the idea?

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Yes thanks, but why is it NAME OF OUTFIT? Sorry, I know that’s actually a stupid wuestion, I was judt wondering.

Because you have to make a new outfit involving whatever article of clothing you want to add

Oh, ofc :woman_facepalming: Thank you!

But I can’t change the name, right?

You can change it but then then it will be permanent :sweat_smile:

Oh, so do you mean that it’s gonna change the previous chapters too?

Yes apparently :sweat: