Edit background HELP!


Can someone help me to change this background on night mode (both types), pretty please?


@justinesolano can :heart:


That will be great!:heart:


Hey, what do you mean both types? x



  1. outside to be dark but in room to be light on (like on day mode)
  2. inside and outside to be dart (all lights off, like when someone sleep)


I didn’t know whether that chandelier was white or yellow? So I stuck to the colours the lamp glass was.

  1. Room with light

2. Room no light

Hope it’s to your liking x


They are great! Love! Love! Love! :heart:
Thank You!:heart::heart::heart:

I’ll credit you with this name?:relaxed:


You’re welcome, glad you like it! <3

Credit it with episode.justine, it’s my insta name. Thank you! xx




Hey if you are interested in helping me you can pm me


Helping with what?


With two overlays and a background


Yeah sure x


Can someone help me with a quilt for this bed (from my background)?
My character will go to sleep and I don’t want to froze over the night.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: