Edit Competition *Open until 20th August*


COMPETITION ALERT :rotating_light:
To celebrate 1k reads on my story “My Strength”, I have decided to start a competition! Anyone can enter and I am excited to see what you guys can create!
-You must make an edit of one or more characters from my story (I will leave the details of some characters below)
-You must post it on the forums and tag me in it OR post it on Instagram under the hashtag: #Katiekate1kcompetition
-You can enter as many times as you’d like!
-Tell me if you are going to enter so I can look out for your creation!
-Competition ends on 20th August 2018


Gabi (Child):

Eden (MC & Mother of Gabi):

Layton (Eden’s love interest

-Winner 1 will win a spam of likes on Instagram, a follow on Instagram, a character in my story and a shout-out on instagram!
-Winner 2 will win a shoutout, spam of likes and a character in my story!
-Winner 3 will win a shoutout and a character in my story!

GOOD LUCK :purple_heart: