Edit/Cover/Pfp/Art Scene Requests Are Open: What do you guys think about this edit?


Here is one of my edits I did as a collab with my sister who is on instagram as @koolgal.epi💖 She did the outline and I did the editing. So what do you guys think?! Requests for edits are open. Feel free to leave comments or dm on instagram @lady_anne.epi😊IMG_20180709_002719_518|480x480


it looks really good no doubt about it, good job :slight_smile:


Thank You☺️💖


no worries any time x


Hello @lady_anne.editz, this is Sydney the Moderator and we welcome you to the Episode Forums!

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Hey Sydney!
I am new to episode forums at the moment so I am still not sure about where to post things. Sorry about that and thanks for helping.

Have a great day!



I want to request 3 art scenes but a I need a example! can you post one?


I cant see the image I need some art scenes


Sure. I am almost done with my first art scene. I will post it up later and i will reply to your comment again to let you know.




No worries☺️


I just posted the art scene example. You can check it out on my account now😊


I just posted up an example of how i do art scenes. You can check it out on my recent post on my account. If you can’t see it you can give me your name on Instagram and i can dm if to you☺️


I love the art scenes

I what types can you do?


Well art scenes of people mainly. But i haven’t tried doing art scenes for animals yet. I can do art scenes of many people or just a few depending on how many people you want in the art scene. What type of art scenes do you want?


K I wil send you the characters!


I need a art scene of these characters kissing!


I also want one of this chain sitting on top of a hoodie or shirt! on a table or stool!


What type of hoodie or shirt do you want?


Jus a grey one!