Edit or art needed:)!

Looking for someone who can do an edit of one character for me:) or someone who is taking free/cheap requests for art!!

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Someone from this shop below can help !

Hi i can do art

Glowing sky Art Shop (Open and Hiring)
We can help

Hi, could you give some more information on what you’re looking for? I could potentially do an edit.

The art prices
(For one character)

  1. Upto shoulder- Rs. 250
  2. Upto knee/waist- Rs. 350
  3. Full length- Rs. 500
    (For two characters)
    Add 50% of the original price
    Illustration of your picture (personal use, not for episode)
    Rs. 300
    Neon edit (personal use, not for episode)
    Rs. 300

These r screenshots of my work

Ill do a cartoon style art if you want it in cheap! So it’ll cost $20

My shop Temtist art shop🌌 (commissions open)