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I believe there’s an option when picking a character’s hair style that is bald. I think its all the way at the top of the dropbox section thing. Hope this helps!


For some reason, it’s not working in the script. You have to create a copy of the character with the bald head.


I mean like changing the hair in the writing script.


In the script you can do something like this
@CHARCTER changes hair to Bald


It doesn’t work :frowning:


@CHARACTER changes hair into Bald


I did an error came up


stupid question u are replacing CHARACTER with your character name


I know that! Don’t think i don’t!!


sorry i was just checking whats the error message say?


It says “hair ‘bald’ doesn’t exist.”


I think the only way around it is to make a character exactly the same but bald and replace them with it


Ok thanks.


no that is not the problem make sure that when you type bald the ‘b’ is capital for example

@CHARACTER changes into hair into Bald


I know and thanks!


no problem is the error still coming up if so what does it say


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: