Edit request open!

I do edits for my own episode story but I would like to make them for other users and episode authors!

Edits are FREE for now!
Would love opinions on whether I should start charging? But they would be very cheap/affordable of course (£1-£3)


  • You have to follow me on instagram (@Victoriastoriesxo

  • Dm me your request with character details and other details you want to include in edit (will make a google forms if I get a fair amount of requests)

  • When you post, tag my instagram for credit.

*Depending on how many requests I get please give me 1-3 days but some days I will do it quite quick but other days might be a little longer.

*I can do character cards/edits/splashes ect just request the specific thing you want.


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I hate to break it you, but charging money for edits using episode assets is illegal so my answer to that question would be a definite no. :sweat_smile:
Digital art though is different (no episode assets) and are often paid commissions. So you could charge for art instead of edits if you feel confident enough to do that.

On a side note though: your edits are lovely!


U can charge for anything BESIDES episode characters, bgs and so on. So u can’t take money for an edit of episode characters