Edit Requests (CLOSED)

Hi everyone!

I found out that I really enjoy doing edits like intro/outro covers or covers in general! (small and big ones for the app)
If you want to request one of those things, please feel free to message me on IG! @annawepisode
I will need a lot of information from you and it will be the easiest for me to have it on Instagram. :grinning:

I also have a few rules of course!

1. DO NOT STEAL MY WORK! If I find out that you’re using my work in your story without giving credit, I will report your story so don’t risk it.
2. DON’T RUSH ME! I am an university student so please don’t rush me. I also write my own stories so I will need time for that too.
3. BE SPECIFIC IN WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME! If you are not specific enough, I will just to it how I like it or I feel you will like. I won’t change anything if you were not specific enough and you won’t like the edit I made.
4. FOLLOW ME ON IG! I will do edits for you even if you don’t have IG but if you have, please be fair and follow me as a thank you! :blush:

Here are some examples of my work: Edit Requests (CLOSED)


Hi! I don’t have instagram so I was wondering if maybe I could just request on here

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Oh, yes of course, don’t worry!!!
Do you have something in mind already? Do you want a cover or those into/outro/music etc. stuff?:heartpulse:

Can I see some examples? :grin:

Sure but please always credit me in case you are using my work! :innocent:


How much? Really loving those examples!

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Of course! And I loved your examples! I might request some day. :smile:

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How much what?:grin:

Sure! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Do they cost anything? Money wise? I am VERY interested… may get a cover for my story but don’t have IG… I am only allowed to have episode… get back to me as convenient for you, and you can PM me if you would like to take up on my offer (if it won’t be a problem for you) i am not asking for free art either I promise :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Don‘t worry, they are completely FREE! :grin: the only thing I would do is writing my Instagram name on them (very small in some corner) :heartpulse:

Ok! Your awesome! Can I get a splash if possible? (A cover for the middle of the story)?

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Of course I can try to do that​:joy: what exactly do you want to look it like?:sweat_smile:

Can I have my main character in the center doing the shush :shushing_face: animation while a graffiti type font above her says

“THIS STORY MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR SOME READERS” and under her it says “YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED” I will send you charecter details later

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Sure, I can do that. I will try to find a graffiti type font on my program but I’m not sure I have it.
I will send you some examples of similar fonts or just fonts I think will suit graffiti the most and you can decide which one :smile:

May I use that third splash? I’ll be sure to credit you :blush:

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Of course!

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So I have those fonts if that‘s okay for you! :smile:
Also which background do you want?:kissing_closed_eyes: I can use just a color or a background from episode :sweat_smile:

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Perfect I am gathering character design now

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So, here are the fonts! Sorry for taking so long