Edit Requests {OPEN}

I’m pretty bored right now, so I’ve decided to make edits (I haven’t done that in a long time) however theres a catch, because I’m a lazy shit, I’ll only make it for 3 lucky people.

I’ll decide on how to choose them by either first come, first serve or by the details of the character. Fill out the form bellow:

Preferably shoulder length

Edit form
  • Gender:

  • Skin colour:

  • Brows:

  • Hair:

  • Eyes:

  • Face:

  • Nose:

  • Lips:

  • Outfit:

  • Background:

  • Type of make up (e.g dramatic, natural):

  • Pose:

  • Theme:

  • What is the edit for? (e.g pfp):

  • What length do you want it up to:


Bellow will be a waiting list, if your @ appears there, expect an edit from me.

Waiting list:

1• @lovelygirl11 :white_check_mark:
2• @
3• @

Sorry @kinghuddy I’m just really shit at editing waves.


ooou okay ! <33
skin ; olive
brows ; seductive arch
hair ; beach wave (chestnut)
eyes ; upturned bold (brown)
face ; round
nose ; elven
mouth ; blossom lips (rose)
type of makeup ; not too dramatic , somewhat natural but darker eyeshadow and lip gloss
pose ; talk_apathetic (mouth closed)
theme ; dark / bada$s i guess lolololol
usage ; pfp : )

just if you choose mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hair: Long Bangs (Blue Light)
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (Blue)
Face shape: Soft heart
Skin: Beige
Lips: Classic (Bordeaux)
Nose: Upturned
Eyebrows: Seductive round


White background

Type of make up:
Dark glitter

You can decide


What I need it for:
Instagram pfp, I’ll also post it in my insta (with credit, yes)

Hey, I’m interested In a art scene!!!
Skin - light
Brows - defined natural
Hair - passion fruit (messy back bun)
Eyes - brown - Upturned bold
Face - oval
Nose - Upturned
Lips - ruby red - full round
Outfit - down below
Background - down below as well
Makeup - if possible I want a dramatic makeup (whatever you think would look the best)


Pose: I want her idle_awkward, if possible have her biting her lip (not sexual but nervously biting her lip!
Thx have a good day!
THEME: sweet and pure (dk if that makes since or not lol.)

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What length do you want the edit to be up to?

I’ll leave this up for a few more hours and then decide, because I added some new things to the form. It wasn’t convenient for me before.

Knee length

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Hey, do you know a time that you might be finished with mine. Not to rush or sound rude thx babe!

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Edit form

  • Gender: Female

  • Skin colour: Rosewood

  • Brows: thick flat

  • Hair: Diva curls or messy back bun (both color fawn)

  • Eyes: Round bold (blue)

  • Face: oval

  • Nose: soft natural

  • Lips: blossom lips (cherry red)

  • Outfit: Red beach day monokini

  • Background:

  • Type of make up (e.g dramatic, natural): no makeup

  • Pose:

  • Theme: Love

  • What is the edit for? (e.g pfp): Art scene

  • What length do you want it up to: knee length

  • Gender: male

  • Skin colour: tan

  • Brows: Thick arch

  • Hair: short cropped hair (Black)

  • Eyes: Deepset piercing (Auburn)

  • Face: diamond

  • Nose: broad

  • Lips: pour tin oval (Taupe)

  • Outfit: Swim trunks loose neutral black

Also can they be dripping like they just got out of the water?

almost done, you’ll probably get it today

Oh gosh thank you so much :blush:

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no problem xx

Ooof well this is interesting, hey I’d like an Art scene please. :art::two_hearts:

Male Character 1
Skin tone: Ivory
Eyes: Sloping Innocent (Hickory)
Eyebrows: Thick Arch
Hair: Spiked Up Hair (Black)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Small Round (Blush)
-Character ones eyes would be pure black but if you can’t do that I understand. Plus he has a scarred lip.

Male Character 2
Skin tone: Ivory
Eyes: Sloping Innocent (White)
Eyebrows: Thick Arch
Hair: Spiked Up Hair (Platinum Blond)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Small Round (Champagne)

They both wear the same outfit because they were demonised.

This is the background I’d hope could be used if blurred a little.

Type of makeup: no makeup
Pose: Angry pose arms crossed
Theme: Scary/Badass
What’s the edit for: Art scene :art:
Length: Knee Length :heart:

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how many people can you do? and how many edits do you do for one person? :smiley:

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Well theres only one space left and I only do one per person however multiple can be negotiated about.

@lovelygirl11 @lovelygirl11 @lovelygirl11 @lovelygirl11

Your edit

Can I have one

Thank you so much!

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No problem

Sure, what do you want