Edit requests 🤍 OPEN


after a long while of not taking requests, I wanna do a few cause my motivation is very high rn. I will take 5 requests at a time, to prevent them from getting stacked up.


(I can do custom poses, these are just my most recent)


what are you requesting?(this is for the canvas size I use…)
character details?
outfit/outfit inspo?
mood/aesthetic you want?
bachground/background theme?
text you want on your edit?

Waiting list!
@M_H_C_Episode (requested by dm)

Thank you!


Could i request?

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Can I request? :blob_sun:

what are you requesting? Character Card!

character details?
Her name is Christine Faith, could that be at the top?

Character Details

Skin : Copper 08

Eyebrow : straight medium, color : Black dark

Hair : Long voluminous curls loose , color : Black dark

Eyes : deepest downturned, color : Brown black

Face : Round soft

Nose : Round button

Lips : Small heart, color : copper medium gloss

outfit/outfit inspo?
Everything and anything yellow!!

mood/aesthetic you want?
Sunflower field, happy, sunny, sweet☀️

text you want on your edit?
I want the clothes she’s wearing, and her detaile, and her name on top please

Background : You can choose anything that goes along with my aesthetic :cowboy_hat_face:

Pose : Takephoto_camrea_happy
But I want the pose to be just as she’s finishing the photo and you can see her face :llama:

And that is all, thank you!!! :mic_drop:


i hope you have a slot open if you do here is mine

what are you requesting? (this is for the canvas size I use…) i would like a cover if you could
character details?
Body:female athletic
skin color:neutral 05
brow:Arched Natural Scar
brow color;black dark
Hair:Long Updo Wavy Princess Braid
Hair color:ash brown
eyes:Female Generic
Eye color:hazel
Nose:defined natural
mouth:Full Round Pouty
mouth color:rose medium nude matte
outfit/outfit inspo?

pose: whatever you think goes with the name

mood/aesthetic you want? like an old vintige
text you want on your edit? a trip down memory lane by Ericka_olivia


hi @Yepitsme!

I finished your request, hope u like it! :white_heart:


credit is not necessary, but appreciated :relaxed:

EDIT: the forums completely scr*wed up the quality, so if u would like a HQ version, I am more than happy to email it to u, if u want to dm me ur email address (: (orrr…if u click on the images and download them from there, the resolution will be a lot higher!)


Actually this is perfect!!! Thank you so much this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, you are great!!, would you like me to credit you at your shop here or your instagram? :yay:


awww! I’m so glad u like it :two_hearts:my forums handle is good for credit!


Great, thank you so much again! I will definitely be recommending you to others :raspberry:


Do you do custom poses?



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what are you requesting? A large cover if possible :slight_smile:
character details?

BODY TYPE: Female Athletic in Gold 02
EYEBROW: Arched Natural in Black Dark
HAIR: Double Bun Half Down Hair in Platinum White
EYES: Female Generic in Blue Green
FACE: Diamond Defined Contour
NOSE: Defined Natural
MOUTH: Full Round Pouty in Rose Matte

BODY TYPE: Male Athletic in Gold 02
EYEBROW: Straight Medium Scar in Black Dark
HAIR: Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled in Dark Brown
EYES: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken in Blue Deep
FACE: Triangle Chiseled Scruffy Beard
NOSE: Button Round
MOUTH: Medium Heart in Rose Light Nude Matte

outfit/outfit inspo?

Birds in flight tattoo
Lace forearm tattoo solid
Nose stud silver
(PP) Oversize outfit shorts denim light blue
Uniform baseball top cotton white red
Thin tied gladiator sandals leather brown oak

Eyebrow piercing horizontal barbell silver
Multi cartilage piercing metal silver
Full body tribal skull lace ink black
Uniform baseball top cotton white red
Uniform baseball bottom cotton white
Uniform baseball cleats leather black

mood/aesthetic you want? In love, over the moon
bachground/background theme?

Custom pose

Custom background

text you want on your edit? NA

Thank you :slight_smile:


your edits are so nice!!

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thank u so much :relaxed:

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@iimissyy, I finished, hope u like :heartbeat:

for best quality, click on the image, then press ‘download’. if u would like higher resolution, I’d be happy to email hq to u!

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Tyyy I like it💓

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@M_H_C_Episode I finished ur cover. hope u like!

for best quality, click on the image, then press ‘download’. if u would like higher resolution, I’d be happy to email hq to u!

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Can I request?

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Yes! :heartbeat:

Is this still open? ^^