Edit requests 🤍 OPEN

Yes :slight_smile:

Okk giveme 2 mins

Hey! I just wanted to ask you for a cover for my new story:
what are you requesting?(this is for the canvas size I use…)

  • character details?
    -BODY: Female generic, Neutral 01
    -BROW: Arched Natural, Deep Brown
    -HAIR: Long Feathered Bangs Blunt, Red Purple
    -EYES: Deepset Upturned Wide, Grey Cool
    -FACE: Diamond
    -NOSE: Round Broad
    -LIPS: Full Round Pouty, Pink Beige Gloss

  • outfit/outfit inspo? →


  • bachground/background theme? →
    I’m in love with the background of one of your examples; I would like something similar :heart_eyes:

  • text you want on your edit? → I would like the title of my story: “Under the Mask” written using a calligraphy font or a cursive font or something like that.

THANKS! :hearts:

hi y’all! sorry, yesterday was my first day back at school & I got OVERLOADED w work to complete. 😮‍💨 I really wish I could complete your requests, I was not anticipating this workload! Unfortunately, though, I have to close this shop, I already did 4 hrs of homework today (I’m sure some of y’all can relate!)

Anyway, I’m so sorry to disappoint you! if I reopen at some point, I’ll be sure to do ur requests first, if u want. :heartbeat: thanks for understanding!

@Sydney_H, can u please close this thread? (:


Closed by OP request. :smiley: