Edit shop (CLOSED)


Hello episodians! Welcome to…

Where I EDIT, people’s characters!
Completely for free! Episodes community, is all about creativity, DUH, editing,splashes,covers…
Well…I ain’t good at covers… but splashes:YES
Character edits:YES
Covers: Nope sorry.
Feel free to ask!
There will be at least 5 slots!
When all of them are filled, I can’t do more edits, so You have to wait until one of the slots are free! Dont race against each other, or who goes first for the edit!

Is not Always available, have patient, and don’t be rude when I am late, because it takes time, the edits might look the same, because I’m good only at that face shape,but I’ll try to do the nose differently❤️
These are some of the rules.
1- have patient
2-dont be rude
3-only ask if slots are open
4- if you don’t like my art or insult, you will be reported,if it ain’t a big deal I can change the edit.

You’ll find the slots at the end!
Thanks for visiting…




Do you have any examples of your work?


I do!


Just lemme find them



Haven’t really done splashes for anybody but o did practice


Can you do a character edit for me?


Sure details please



Okay I’ll start working on it!


I love your edits! I may ask for a character edit later.:heart_eyes:


You may ask now if you want


Should I give you details or should I screenshot the character in the pose?


You can just do a screen shot



Should I redraw and then do everything or do a simple edit like the one I did with the space buns?


Like this. Thanks!:kissing_heart:


Ok! Is it ok if I do the same pose like that pose? Holding the phone?


Yeah, that’s fine whatever you prefer!:hugs:


Thanks it might take a little bit more time because I’m ALREDY make one! Hope that’s okay