Edit this looping background for me?

Hiya!! I’m trying to make a loopable background and man I am no background editor, can someone edit this background I have messed up so that it loops seamlessly? Thanks!!

PSA: please do not use this background <3


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No I know how to make it loop…I just need someone to edit the background so that you can’t tell there’s a cut :sweat_smile:

Here, try this? I sized it to what Dara recommends on her website

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Umm that’s not quite what I meant, the sizing is correct as it needs to be uploaded as a background. I just need the two ends to match up so that it loops without seems (does that make sense lol)

I mean it should be? The way I know how to loop is this way where it’s an overlay with that size :face_holding_back_tears:

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Here you go <3
There is a lot of fuzziness in the background that I can’t really do much about, but it should be seamless now. :smiling_face:

Did a few more edits. Added a few trees to the seam and sharpened the background.

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Thank you so much!!! This is perfect. I’m gonna test it out and get back to you! Should I credit your forums name?

Update: It worked, I can’t tell at all, thanks again!

Tgese was a new release where episode made it so you can loop any background! Check out thr first reply to this thread it is fairly new :slight_smile:

for edit this background better to use tool


Happy that it worked! <3
No need to credit, but if you want to, forums name is perfect :sparkling_heart: