Edited:Arm Overlay holding a microphone for Limelight

Hi, In my story I have a Reporter who is standing outside a house, left side of screen. The arm overlay with the microphone is a left hand. The Reporter features twice in my story, the first time I can move her far left so her real left arm is offscreen however the second time she appears she is standing in front of crime tape and I prefer her to be more in screen than the first as she is reporting the crime. Is there a way I can spot her so she is fully in the screen yet it doesn’t appear she has three arms?

What style do you write in?

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She is at a crime scene and I have the crime tape which I thought would cover it but she needs to be on the other side of the tape but if I did that you will see the other arm, only thing I can think of is having her slightly off camera so the arm that is down is off camera but her shoulder is still in view enough to attach the overlay too.

If your afraid that someone will see her other arm maybe you can make another char stand infront of that arm (just a little)

(Maybe, i don’t know it was just a suggestion…:sweat_smile:)

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