Edited Backgrounds Request


Hey guys, I also do edited Episode backgrounds for those who wish to add new accessories to a certain background. For example, for a school background you may want a poster in the gym hall to be specific to your story for a prom scene and the poster would say the school’s name. I DO NOT make backgrounds from scratch. If you want me to add something to a non Episode background, please make sure you have permission to use it!

Some examples here. All credits go to Episode for their amazing work on the backgrounds they provide for us :slight_smile: :

  1. Lit Castle

  2. Semi-abandoned castle

  3. Original - Misty Gazebo

  4. After - with fire and orange light

  5. Original - School Exterior

  6. After - Medieval Castle Courtyard w/ statue

  7. Original - Royal Parlour/Boudoir

  8. After - Royal Boudoir/Fitting Room Mannequin w/ dress

  9. Original - Halloween Living Room

  10. After - Mad Scientist/Alchemist Lair w/ potions

All these edited backgrounds are being used or will be used in my unpublished WIP Medieval Vampire story hence the Medieval pattern!


@Shanzella some examples of what I do backgrounds-wise :slight_smile:


Hey do you make any mueseum types of backgrounds


Yeah, what kind of museum backgrounds? Like what are the details? x


I just need like a painting on a wall modern type


Ah yes that’s quick enough, there’s one museum background on Episode. Would you like me to use that?


I can replace one painting with the one you want


Yes! But like one painting and it’s single by itself on a wall


Hey i am soon gonna start a thread Caled Epi.life
And you guys Can apply to doing art, background/overlays, character edits rewiews and coding


I doesn’t really matter what painting


Oh right! Can I get a painting of your choice on the wall! Do you want the background 1 zone?


Oh ok, I can do the Mona Lisa or something? haha


Very exciting! Would love to see when it’s out x


Zone 1 and yeah sure you can use the Mona Lisa


On it! x


Btw is this for Limelight or Ink? x




This is in my queue btw, It’ll be finished in a few hours so I will message you by then! x


Here is the link


I don’t know if you’re still taking request, but if you are can you edit this Episode background for me?

It already looks medieval/dungeon like so I only need a few things done to it.

  • Can you add different color sheets to the bed? I want to make it seem like there’s multiple secret rooms in the castle/dungeon. Any color is fine (yellow, purple, orange, etc.)
  • Instead of wine and candles in the corner can you add food (maybe a fruit basket) and candles?

That’s all I really need. If you can’t do it just let me know. Thanks in advance!:wink::relaxed:
Also, there’s no immediate deadline. Whenever you’re not busy is fine.