Edited Backgrounds Request


I’ll add it to the queue :slight_smile: if you want to request other art in the future, I posted a link earlier today on my profile where you can submit requests by filling out a form :slight_smile: xx


Omg I’m so sorry, this thread got pushed to the bottom of my notifs so I completely forgot! I’m doing it now, but if you do need more backgrounds you can go to the link at the bottom of my profile on here as its easier for me, in case I forget again! xx


Hey, @justinesolano! Still taking requests by any chance?


Hey, I’m opening my edit requests later today! Sorry I replied late, I was busy but I’m free now so you can fill out a form on the requests link on my profile :slight_smile: x


Haha no problem. I’ve submitted the form just as you asked. Hope you can make it soon!




What? Lol


I’m bumping the thread so it won’t get closed.


Ohh haha! Sorry, thank you sweetie <3 it’s ok though, if you or anyone else want to request any edits, go on my profile and there’s a link at the bottom to the request form for edits :slight_smile: x


Oh ok, thanks!