Edited (mainly INK) Requests (+ looking for INK models) [Limited offers, OPEN]

okay then Can I give you all the details for it ?

Sure, I’ll send you the form

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Character details:
Alt. Including customized hairstyle (Image):
Character height (ONLY for multiple characters):
Alt. Customized outfit (Image):
Extras (Additional custom things):
Author Name (N/A if no need to add it):
Small or Large (Nothing added = Small only):
Facing Direction:
View (Full Body; Waist Up; Bust Up or Face Close-Up):
Font Style (Preferably a picture):
Special shading (Yes/No):

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Okay so my story name is Catch me before I fall
Author name : Sunshine
Small and Large cover both in LL
view : Full body both characters
Font style : in the picture

Title of story : Catch me before I fall

details are :

Female Athletic body
skin tone : rose 03
Brow shape : Arched natural scar
brow color: Black jet
Hairstyle : long wavy blowout
Hair color : Pastel purple lavender
Eye shape : Round downturned wide
eye color : blue green
Nose shape : defined natural
Lips shape : full round pouty
Lip color : Red deep matte

Extras : nose stud piercing (single)
Tattoo: Lace foream tattoo

Male details:

Male athletic body
skin tone : rose 03
brow shape : straight medium scar
brow color : black dark
Hair style : Slicked back side shaved tousled
hair color: black dark
Eye shape : Narrow Almond deep smiling
Eye color : grey cool
Face shape : chiseled square stubble shaved
nose shape : straight pointed
lips shape : full heart natural
lip color : fair gold matte

Extras : Eye brow piercing
Tattoo: arm skull tattoo

clothes here are the pictures

for Girl :

for the guy :

Animations on the girl can be flirt_smile_lookdown and for the guy it should be something like this

Here is the pose that I want something like this maybe

When making the story cover small size can you please also add long nails on the girl and some highlighter on her cheeks too and her hair as well if it’s possible thank you!

Here is the background that I want you to put

When writing the story cover “Catch me before I fall” By sunshine can you also give me the cover with and without the cover name ? thank you! and when you write Catch me before I fall by sunshine can you please write that as Neon color in white is fine :two_hearts: something like this

That’s all :two_hearts:

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Thank you for this.

CC forms

1st character
Character details:
Female Generic Body Rose 02
Arched Thick Styled light brown
Double Bun Half Down Hair, blonde medium
Delicate Almond brown medium
Heart Defined
Defined Natural
Full Heart Pouty Pink peach medium gloss

custom outfit:
Looks more or less like this:

But the top should be v-necked
And the hat
Outfit displayed on card (Yes/No): Yes
Extras (Additional custom things): Orange hair streaks on the sides.
Facing Direction: Right
Background: Idea looks like this


View (Full Body; Waist Up; Bust Up or Face Close-Up): Full body
Font Style (Preferably a picture):
For name
For info

Mood: Happy, carefree, innocent, aesthetic
Special shading (Yes/No): No

I’d request for 2nd character later


What background should be changed (Please upload it):

What should be changed (Please be as detailed as possible about it):
-change the roof of each tower to pink
-make the sky pink/purple/bluish.
-make the picture brighter + happier
If you want things added, please show which:
-add lots of pretty & colourful flowers around and sparkles in the sky

Thank you:)

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Since I can’t change anything after the shading is done, here’s the unfinished piece for approval. Let me know if you want any changes.
The red line show’s what will be displayed on the cover (If you want I can change the position or size as well.)

(Background, title, etc. will be added later)

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Ah omg, looks great! Size works, but I don’t know how to feel about her pushing him away though hahaa…can she sit like that, but have her arms behind her to support her OR just casually sitting maybe leaning in a bit too and the guy sorta leaning in with his arm on the car

Sure, I’ll change things

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Is it better like that?
I’ve added the title this time as well, but it can be changed after the shading as well. That is also not how I’m going to make it look like in the finished, effects and anything will be added.

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Hey! I’ve noticed the recent changes to your shop. So, just to be clear, you’re no longer taking requests for Limelight custom poses, correct?

No, I will do LL edits again once my shop reopens. In this thread, I’m just doing requests for things that I don’t have any or no recent examples to add to my shop.
The only change I made for custom poses is that they’ll run under the name edits now, with the difference between shaded edits and unshaded edits.

@v.h_episode Hey I just wanted to ask that Are you still doing the requests that were requested to you before like are we still going to be getting the LL requests thank you or you’ll do ink only? :two_hearts:

As mentioned this thread is only for me to get some examples for my shop, and since I do already have some, I only need examples for the things where I don’t have examples yet. Neither do I need more pieces than how much I want to upload (Which is why there were just limited options).
Now all of the things I needed for LL (except pfps and limbs) have been requested, since I’m not going to decline any of these requests, all that’s left to request from me on here until my actual shop opens is mainly INK.

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Oh okay thank you

Yes, love it! Looks amazing so far!

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You can use my Ink character for an edit or whatever you want


Fair Skin
Thin Curved
Long Feathered- Chestnut
Almond Luxe - Blue
Defined Heart
Classic Slender - Terracotta

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Thank you!

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