Edited story review


I have edited my story so if anyone is interested, I would love you to review it. Thanks!


What’s the story called and who’s the author?


I’m the author and my story is called A Wish Come True.

Here is the link.


Duh lol


Lol. Thanks for reviewing it! I want to make sure I don’t miss anything before I publish it.


I’ll take a look. If you could take look at mine too it’d be helpful.


Sure! I’ll take a look!


Everything pretty much looks good to me. Good luck with your story!


Thank you! Do I need to make any more edits or do you think I should just publish it?


I personally like episode longer. But its still really good. Your story doesn’t really interest me, not to be rude. But I the story is really good. I would publish though!


Ok! Thank you!


No problem. I wasn’t being rude right?


No! not at all


Okay phew! :grin: I get alot of anxiety when I think Im might be to straight forward or rude lol Idk why!


I like your story. The concept is really interesting but the episodes are way too short and the characters don’t talk so I would work on that. There was a couple of grammar mistakes but I didn’t see any punctuation missing. Overall it was a good story!


Thank you very much I appreciate that. I enjoyed you story as well it’s quite well thought out and very interesting, I think you should go ahead and publish.


OK! Thank you!


You’re welcome