Editing a background for free

hello! i’m not new to writing, i just never published a story. but i do need someone to edit this background into daytime for free, as i can’t afford to pay. i will definitely credit you, though!


hey! just a heads up, you can only bump a thread once every 24 hours, its in the forum guidlines
I can try edit the background but no promises :))

I can try after work if you’d like, but I’d be careful. I’m not sure if this background is from Choices or an app similar, if it’s not royalty-free, Episode might decline it.

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oh, sorry! but thank you so much! would you like to be credited?

thank you!

no thats ok it only took me lile 2 minutes

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i tried to upload it, but it says “Images must be at least 640 pixels wide and I 136 pixels tall! Yours was only 281x500.”

thank you again. :smile:

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I actually just looked up this background and its a choices background, so you cant use it, its copyrighted.

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thank you for letting me know! i will remove them now.

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