Editing and cover help done here!


Hey episodians,
I am Limelily from Ireland. I make stories on episode and I love editing. I am editor.
I can help anyone with their covers or episode edits. Feel free to request.
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Some of my edits:

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Can I request a few days later?


sure…if you want your edit immediately, you can contact me through instagram.


I don’t have an instagram so I can’t fill out the form


I filled the request Form waiting for your reply


I will contact you through Instagram.


Whoever filled the form- I will be contacting you through instagram.


@Sasha…U requested through the form. But you did not give your proper instagram account username. Please contact me through my instagram for an edit- @limelily.episode

If anyone wants a fast edit, Dm me in my instagram account


hi i need a cover for my story : Removed from my life
the MC is liane and she will be hugging the other MC which is anthony here are the characters :

!(upload://6SOedJFEE9GdMYTek0JGSjIbYhV.PNG) anthony is in the middle liane is left and james is right no need to rush take ur time and heres the background
! i want james to be jealous of liane and liane and anthony hugging thx


the 1st one i sent is liane this is anthony


this is james


do you need a cover