Editing apps for overlays

Hello. I need a little help please. What is a good photo editing app to create an overlay. I was trying to make a treadmill overlay, and I spent a good amount of time cropping it out on PicsArt and as soon as I upload it, it has a white background. How do I get rid of that white background please? Thank you.

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You can always just do a google search for anything you want, and add “png” at the end of your search. That’s how I get all my overlays, so I don’t have to do a lot of editing.


When you search for a png you should be able to find anything you want without the white background

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Not sure if that one will work for you, but it’s just an example.

Wow, I never thought to search with png. Thank you so much. Now what about if the overlay can’t be searched? Like I created it, and it still has a white background even after edits?

I suggest using Pixlr Editor, it’s free and you can save your edit as a png.


Okay, thank you soo much. You two are life savers, lol.

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No problem, glad I could help :smiley:

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You’re welcome!!

Okay, well I tried the trick…and it didn’t work. :frowning:

When you click on an image, make sure the background is a white and gray tile background, that’s how you know it won’t have the white background

You could check out PicsArt- that’s what I use for edits, though I haven’t been on it in a long time-they have cool stickers :smile:


like this

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https://pixabay.com/ is also a good site to search up images and vectors

Here’s an example from pixabay that you could use as an overlay, provided it’s the right size:

Ok, for some reason, it’s not showing up with no background, but a link to it:
(notice how behind the hearts there is a white and grey checkered pattern which means if you use it on Episode, provided it’s a png, ONLY the hearts show, not the background.)

Also, you could check out this thread, where I provide links to backgrounds and overlays from people in the episode community:

Remember if you use them, give credit to the lovely people who worked hard on them :purple_heart:

I hope this helps xoxo


I got it!!! :slight_smile: Thank you everyone

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Here’s a website I found also for anyone else having trouble.

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