Editing background

Could someone pls change this background into day time?

I recommend @brvnda! She’s great at this!! :heart:

I could give it a shot if you would like… I think I’m good at it… lol

Ok, tysm!

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That actually looks good!

Thank you… I’m better at making day to night but I like to challenge myself!! :grin:

It looks sooo good but when i try to upload it as a background it says that its too small… i’m so confused?

I’ll resize it… that happens sometimes… one sec

Mkay, tysm!

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Here is the right resized pic

You might have to click on it to save it as the right size

Tysm! It worked now! Also, how should i credit you?

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Please credit @EpisodeStudio

Ofc! Tysm, again!

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No problem… glad to help