Can someone with experience show me how to edit and contour and outline characters? I want to be able to make my own characters for my ink story cover.




@software I know what contour is, I want to learn how to do it though


What app is that?


medibang. use the blur tool to ‘blend’


Where do I find the blur tool?



Thanks :slight_smile:




What numbers do you set for the blur tool to blend the lines?



Hey DM me @angel.episode on Instagram! I can help you out with anything you need! Here is some of my work:


18px and 40px are my usual, but 18x while running over it multiple times works best


Unfortunately I tried clicking on the link you sent and it didn’t work.


Can I send you a private message?




Ugh, alright! Well please do dm me on instagram! (@angel.epizode) I would really love to help you!