Editing/creating apps?

So I’ve been thinking of making video edits and starting a YouTube channel. Does anyone know any apps to help edit and create videos with? Anything will help ty!


I would try IbisPaint as it makes a video of everything u draw x

(Pretty limited though - iOS only).

(Don’t know if it’s limited to iOS or not).
In-app purchases.

(Also don’t know if it’s limited to iOS or not).
Free from what I remember.

After Effects (on PC).
Monthly subscription.

From what I’ve seen, VideoStar and After Effects seem to be pretty commonly used in the Episode community by video editors (also with good reviews from said video editors).


Do you know any apps that can help making a filter to editing ?

I use prequel, I definitely recommend it for editing!

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PicsArt is my favorite to use and Afterlight (1, 2) are good as well. :relaxed:

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I got cracked After Effects :eyes:

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I forgot about that. [cries in ripped-off]

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I would recommend DaVinci Resolve.
Haven’t tried it myself, but a lot of people recommend it. Also I now that the basic version is for free. You only have to pay if you want to upgrade to pro.

Works both on MacOS and Windows