Editing help plzzzzz

this is probably the starngest thing ive ever asked on the forums but whatevs

does anyone know how to edit abs lol
if u do, pls pm i need major help lol

:joy: even I can’t do em well I always use a reference or draw an oval and cut half of it off and make it curvy

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lol thx

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Np :mouse2:

Well the abs will be different structurally depending on the body shape you are using. So make sure they are proportional to the shape of the person in the edit.
Familiarise yourself with the form of the ab muscles and feel free to use references whilst getting used to drawing them. You soon then can manage to add them in without thinking too much about it, also don’t forget to add depth using shading, like my examole below, don’t just leave it at lines :slightly_smiling_face: