Editing words on screen?

Hi guys, I have seen many stories where words float up onto the screen , could someone please tell me how to do that?

Also, how do you get certain words to appear in a different colour?

Thanks :slight_smile: xx

On the writer portal, on the right, there’s a box called “Library”. Inside you can find something called “Texte effects”. You can then add the effect by clicking on the one you want ! To stop the effect, use the reset command !

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Thank you :smile:

You’re welcome! If you ever need some help, feel free to ask! :wink::grin:

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I will, I find I often need help with anything other than the most simple of script writing, though I am trying to improve :slight_smile:

Yes, it takes time to get comfortable with the writer portal.

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Tell me about it

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Wait are you talking about the speech bubble appearing from the top screen or something else :thinking:

Can you tell me how to do the speech bubble at the top of the screen, actually?

Type : readerMessage HERE IS YOUR MESSAGE

If you mean by the words without the speech box around them that is a overlay, and I can make you overlays for your story if you want.

Okay, thank you. I’ve been wondering how to do that for a while :smiley:

Hi, its me again, I was just wondering if you know all the possible choices for the colour of boxes when doing a complex choice, I know there’s gold as I use that sometimes, but what other colors are there?

There’s also “Green” which just makes the box a darker shade.

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Okay, are there any other colours?

No, that’s it.

There is the PREMIUM that makes the choice gold, the GREEN (also called DARK BLUE but I’m not quite sure), and the LOCKED choice.

She already knows about the gold one

Okay, thanks :slight_smile: