Editing your post on the episode app?

I love the whole idea of this new feed. However I’ve noticed you can’t edit your post.
I posted something and accidentally misspelled a word, so I tried looking for an ‘edit’ feature to just edit it and correct my word, however I couldn’t find anything so I had to delete the whole post and re-post it again.
It wasn’t that bad but thinking about it long-term, it will become quite annoying!
Anyone agree on getting an edit feature for our new Episode feed?

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You can. Click the … near your post then click the pencil.

That’s funny. I don’t have that. When I click on the dotted lines, all that comes up is the ‘delete’ button if you want to delete your entire post.

Hmm. Are u on the computer?

Nope. My iPhone

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do you create a story on your iphone, i did not think it was possible. Is it easyer than on the pc because i find it really difficult from a pc.

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