Editor/Char Designer/Outfit Designer Available for helping you


I love to design characters, their outfits, and I also write texts as complete sentences (I like good grammar).

I am willing to work with you as an editor, character designer, and/or outfit planner. That means background chars too. Just message me or ask in this topic.


Can yiu make this character its for a splash request im doing

velyn’s details
Skin: light
Face shape: soft heart
Hair: straight & fawn
Eyebrows: smooth arch
Eyes: upturned feline & light blue
Nose: soft natural
Mouth: Full round & toffee

Luke’s details
Skin: tan
Face shape: defined triangle
Hair: short cropped & black
Eyebrows: thin arch
Eyes: deepset sloping & green
Nose: button
Mouth: uneven & toffee


Okay, if you could also tell me background and positions then I’ll be able to plan it out.


Unless you’re saying you want me to draw the characters so you can put them into a background for someone else, and say you did it. The wording’s a little off, I’m probably misunderstanding you