Editor, designer and overlay maker needed


I am looking for someone who can make my backgrounds into night versions because I only have a day version of two backgrounds currently.

I am also interested in someone that could make me some tattoo and piercing overlays. Recommendations?

Also I anyone could refer me to a good small cover designer I would appreciate it.


I can help with edits but not drawings because I won’t have my stylus till tomorrow


That’s okay. Do you want me to private message you with the backgrounds or just post them on here?


Well I can do the edit but I have a friend who can possibly help with the background @CinnamonToast


U can just post it here


Okay thanks. Here are the two backgrounds they are both the correct sizes just need to be made darker.


Toasty ur needed!


Hmm? Ah yes, just in time, I finished reading those books.


Wait so the friend can make the backgrounds dark, what do you mean by the edits?


I can make your cover!


I meant the cover


U can if u want tho


Naw it’s fine lol.


Oh right that makes sense. It is up to you two which does it, I don’t mind as long as you are both super cool.


I could do it


Okay sure.


You pretty much have free reign with what you want to do because I don’t really have any specific ideas. So just tell me what you need to make it and I will give you it.


Hey, would you be able to make the backgrounds into night versions for me? Is that alright?


Hi, I made this background dark, I will be making the other one now, tell me if there are any changes you would like made!


Wow, that was quicker than I thought. No it looks perfect to me. Thank you very much.